ETCO holds special event during the XXIII National Conference of Brazilian Advocacy

Between the 27th and the 30th of November, at the Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion, in São Paulo, OAB will hold the XXIII National Conference of Brazilian Law.

On 29/11, at 14:30 pm, ETCO promotes a special event with the theme DAMAGE PRACTICES AS AN UNFAIR COMPETITION INSTRUMENT.

The event will count on the participation of the renowned tax expert, Dr. Hamilton Dias de Souza, the Deputy Secretary of Finance of SP, Dr. Rogério Ceron, in addition to other authorities.

See the complete schedule below:


ETCO supports project that promises to bring transparency and simplification to São Paulo's tax processes

SEFAZ / SP will hold a public hearing next week to collect subsidies and suggestions from the accounting category and other contributors to the bill that promises to revolutionize the relationship between society and the state administration, by bringing transparency, simplification of tax processes and legal certainty for entrepreneurs.



The event aims to collect suggestions for inclusion in the Transparency Bill on the Tax Compliance Criteria of the State Finance Department of the State of São Paulo, which intends to implement different treatment for good paying contributors, complying with tax obligations and legislation.

The government's intention is to classify taxpayers and grant benefits to those who point out a lower risk of tax liabilities, offering simplified procedures for using some services or even making the tax procedures of São Paulo tax authorities more flexible.

The proposal is to employ inspection resources, according to the risk rate attributed to the taxpayer, based on three simple and objective criteria: default or default with the São Paulo tax authorities; inconsistencies between the issuance of invoices and the declarations provided and tax regularity of its suppliers.

“This initiative by the São Paulo State Finance Department is innovative. We need to value the taxpayer who complies with his obligations and close the siege against the persistent tax evaders who cause enormous damage to the tax authorities and fair competition. The state must modernize and contribute to the best business environment ”, says ETCO's executive president, Edson Vismona.

The meeting, which will include a presentation by the deputy secretary of Sefaz / SP, Rogério Ceron, will be held next Thursday, 10th, at Avenida Tiradentes, 998, Luz, from 9 am to 12:30 pm. Registrations must be made through the website

In addition to ETCO, the project and its guidelines support SESCON-SP, AESCON-SP, Ccif (Centro de Cidadanis Fiscal), The Commercial Association of São Paulo, the IDB-Inter-American Development Bank, among others.




Border Security

Border SecuritySeminar will bring Foz international American experience
control in border regions


Foz do Iguaçu, December 8, 2016 - The National Forum Against Piracy and Illegality (FNCP) and the Federal Revenue Service organize this Friday, December 9, the IX Triple Frontier Seminar, which will discuss strategies to control rampant smuggling into Brazilian territory, in addition to presenting examples of international initiatives that have been successful in combating this crime.

The fragility of the borders and the billion-dollar losses borne by Brazil will also be highlighted in this Seminar, which will have representatives from American agencies to report on the experience obtained in the country through the control of the United States' borders.

The president of FNCP and the Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition (ETCO), Edson Vismona, emphasizes the importance of the exchange of experiences between Brazil and the USA: “The country today loses R $ 115 billion with the crime of smuggling, which counts on direct action by criminal organizations and generate illicit income for illegal activities, such as drug and arms trafficking. It is essential to open space for the exchange of information, especially with countries that can present successful cases and eventually help us to improve the security of our borders ”.

The event will also count on the participation of the Federal Revenue Service; the Brazilian Navy, which will address the issue of monitoring on Lake Itaipu; in addition to the Federal Police and the Federal Highway Police.



AGU School promotes seminar on Digital Law

event-law-digital-aguThe School of the AGU held on 19/10, a seminar to debate the Law in the Digital era. The event was attended by representatives of several entities such as the MPAA (Motion Picture Association), ABPI (Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property), IBDDIG (Brazilian Institute of Digital Law), among others.

ETCO President Edson Vismona participated in the panel on Digital Crime, together with the President of the Association of Federal Judges, Roberto Carvalho Veloso and the President of the National Association of Federal Police Delegates, Carlos Sobral.

Correio Braziliense debates the difficulties caused to the country by the tax burden

The structural and bureaucratic obstacles that hinder the country's economic development will be the subject of the seminar Correio Debate: Tax Burden in Brazil, on the 20th. One of the most important points of the discussion is the cost of Brazil, a set of difficulties that make investment more expensive. unemployment, informal work, tax evasion and foreign exchange evasion. Registration is free. To participate, simply register on the website until the eve of the round table.

The opening lecture will be given by the Secretary of Federal Revenue, Jorge Rachid, at 9 am. Then, Edson Vismona, president of the National Forum against Piracy and Illegality (FNCP), and Efraim Filho, federal deputy and president of the Mixed Parliamentary Front to Combat Smuggling and Counterfeiting, will talk about Taxes: a necessary discussion. Several experts deal with the topic Taxation and legal reflexes.
The tax consultant, former Revenue Secretary, Everardo Maciel, and Roberto Haddad, partner responsible for the Tax Department of Consultoria KPMG, and the executive president of the Brazilian Institute of Competition Ethics (ETCO), Evandro Guimarães, will talk about Custo Brasil and the Brazilian Tax System. In closing, the lecture will be given by José Augusto Fernandes, director of Policies and Strategy of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI).

Evandro Guimarães, from ETCO, argues that if there is an increase in taxes, contraband grows, the government, society and industry lose. Thus, it is crucial that this does not happen and that fiscal and structural measures are adopted that allow a fair competitive environment.

“Taxes are required in all countries. We are not going to discuss whether they are good or bad, right or wrong, but it is important to talk about their intensity and usefulness, ”said Paulo César Oliveira, director of marketing and marketing at Correio Braziliense.


Source: Correio Braziliense (14/09)

ETCO supports 1st compliance mission promoted by AMCHAM Brasil

In an initiative supported by the ETCO Institute, the American Chamber of Commerce, Amcham Brasil, takes executives to the US in September for its first compliance mission

São Paulo - International Compliance Mission will bring delegation closer to the main players in the area in the USA

From September 10 to 16, Amcham carries out the International Compliance Mission to the United States, aiming to learn about the main initiatives, trends and best practices on this subject in large American companies and institutions in Washington, DC and New York, NY.

With scheduled visits to important players in the segment in the USA, the delegation will have strategic networking, training and benchmark meetings. The mission is aimed at entrepreneurs and executives from different segments who have some relationship or interest in the topic. “We aim to train companies in the process of structuring the compliance area and contribute to the development and maturation of the topic in companies that already have an internal structure organized on that front,” says Daniella Leite, Foreign Trade Manager at Amcham.

In addition to the ETCO Institute, the project has the institutional support of important entities on the subject, such as the ETHOS and ARC Institutes, and the Brazilian Embassy in Washington, DC.

Registration * is open and the number of places is limited. To find out how to participate in the mission, send a message to or call (11) 5180-3808.

* Exclusive discounts for ETCO Institute partners, for more information consult the Amcham team informing the promotional code ETCO2016.


Forum Estadão will debate the fight against smuggling

The newspaper O Estado de São Paulo will hold the Estadão Forum - Combat against Smuggling, an event sponsored by ETCO and the National Forum Against Piracy and Illegality (FNCP), on July 01, in São Paulo. The event is free and the places are limited.

Date: 01 / 07

Time: from 8h00 to 12h30

Location: Estadão Auditorium

Av. Celestino Bourroul, 100 - Lemon