National Piracy Combat Award receives entries until October 31


National Pirate Combat Award


Until October 31, the National Council for Combating Piracy and Intellectual Property Offenses (CNCP) receives entries for the 2014 edition of the National Piracy Combat Award (PNCP 2014). The initiative, which has the support and management of the Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition (ETCO), identifies and recognizes projects by public and private entities that stood out in the fight against piracy and other crimes against intellectual property.

PNCP's intention is to recognize projects that bring benefits to society, to the economy, that are innovative and creative, that have good planning and coordination and that can serve as an example and motivation for other institutions.

This year, the PNCP will have three categories, defined according to the nature of the projects registered: educational / preventive, economic and repressive. The projects will be evaluated by a judging committee composed of the president of CNCP and invited experts, who will use pre-established criteria as a benefit to society, innovation, creativity and planning, among others.

The three best projects in each category will be awarded at a ceremony to be held on December 3, in Brasília (DF). Registration is open until October 31st.

National Piracy Combat Award 2014
Registration until October 31, 2014 
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Information: (61) 2025-3199