Anvisa determines seizure and destruction of batch of fake medicine


The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) ordered the suspension of the manufacture, distribution, dissemination and commercialization of the drug Reumatex, manufactured by an unknown company. The agency also determined the seizure and destruction of the remaining products on the market. The resolution was published last Thursday (03/09) in the Federal Official Gazette.

The drug was being manufactured and marketed irregularly, as it has no registration. The product had in its packaging the National Register of Legal Entities of a company that does not know Reumatex and the registration with the Ministry of Health of another remedy.

Due to the presence of a foreign body in an ampoule of the drug Contracep, an injectable contraceptive, Anvisa also determined the suspension of the distribution and sale of lot 601530.1. The medicine is manufactured by the company Germed Farmacêutica Ltda and the batch is valid until 01/16. The company will have to collect the existing units on the market for the affected lot.

Source: Valor Online

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