Counterfeit medicines


Senator Jorge Viana (PT / AC) presented a favorable opinion to the Chamber of Deputies Amendment to the Senate Bill (ECD) 464/11, which provides for the prohibition of establishments involved in counterfeiting of medicines and cosmetics. The opinion was presented last Friday (6/12), at the Constitution, Justice and Citizenship Commission (CCJ) of the Federal Senate.

According to the rapporteur, the proposal under analysis aims only to expand the list of products that, when falsified, generate the non-application of a period of prohibition of establishment provided for by law. Such measure goes against the public interest and actions taken to curb piracy and adulteration of products. The senator believes that the counterfeiting of personal hygiene and perfumery items continues to grow in our country, and in view of this reality it is necessary to create mechanisms to end impunity for violators.

PLS 464/11, from sen. Humberto Costa (PT / PE), changes the federal health legislation to provide that the period of up to 90 days of interdiction of establishment, as a precautionary measure, will not apply in the event of verification of falsification of medicines, drugs, pharmaceutical supplies, related, fraudulent, counterfeit or adulterated cosmetics and sanitizers of public health interest.

The text also provides that, as long as the establishment's interdiction continues, the use of the facilities in which it operated will be prohibited by another establishment that develops a similar activity, even if only partially.

The proposal awaits inclusion in the CCJ's agenda for deliberation.

Source: Agência Senado and ETCO