Judge condemns 11 for tax evasion and adulteration of fuels in PB


Judge Geraldo Emílio Porto, from the 7th Criminal Court of João Pessoa, sentenced 11 people for a scheme discovered by the Federal Police involving tax evasion and adulteration of fuels in Paraíba. Three state tax officials and some businessmen are among those sentenced.

Convictions are for active and passive corruption and crimes against the economic and tax order, in addition to falsifying documents. Judges can appeal the sentence in freedom. The decision was published on September 27 and acquitted 17 accused defendants.

About modus operandi of the scheme, the magistrate pointed out that three of the defendants, employees of the State Tax Authorities, “as civil servants, used the position to commit crimes of passive corruption, receiving money to stop inspecting goods that entered the territory of the state of Paraíba” .

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Source: G1