Broken seals and gasoline are seized in garage in Bauru


Source: G1 (Rio de Janeiro - RJ) - 22/05/2012

Materials used to divert fuel were on a conveyor.

Three men were detained by the Military Police after an anonymous tip.

The Military Police carried out an operation in the garage of a carrier on Tuesday morning (22), in Vila Coralina, in Bauru (SP). According to Lieutenant Vinícius Sayki, there was an anonymous complaint that fuel was being diverted at the site.

“We found the driver of a vehicle leaving the place with several gallons full of gasoline. We also apprehended broken seals, empty cans and tools used to remove fuel, such as adapted hoses, ”he informed.

A truck that was parked in front of the site also suspected of tampering. Three seals did not match the number shown on the invoice. “We also located a bag with several new seals. Three men were arrested, two are from Bauru and one is from Presidente Prudente ”, he added.

The Technical Expert was on site and the incident was referred to the police duty.