NF will have to come with taxes


As of October 4, companies may be required to discriminate the incidence of taxes on invoices if provisional measure 649 is not voted by deputies by that date. This fear was reinforced last week with the failure to vote on the matter due to a lack of understanding among the parliamentarians of the mixed commission of the National Congress that analyzes the MP. Published by the government, the measure transfers the requirement to January 2015. But it should expire, because until the first round of elections no relevant matter should be voted on.

With the support of business entities, the rapporteur for the matter, deputy André Moura (PSC-SE), drafted an opinion recommending two years of supervisory supervision before the mandatory start to take effect. In his opinion, he proposes that this period be counted from the publication, by the Executive, of a regulation that specifies the way of calculating the taxes that should appear in the invoice.

Commercial entities fear that companies that do not yet discriminate the taxes embedded in the prices of products on their invoices bear the burden of fines imposed from June 2014 to the present day. The legal advisor of the Federation of Commerce of the State of São Paulo (Fecomercio SP), Ana Paula Locoselli, told DCI that the inclusion of other matters in the opinion hindered the speed of the process and assumed the fear that the expiration of the proposal would harm businessmen .

Locoselli also said that trade could be hindered by the lack of clarity in the current law. “What currently exists is very confusing, several scholars on the subject have not yet been able to understand what can be put on the invoice and what cannot be. As long as there are doubts, the law cannot be applied fairly. We hope that, in fact, there is another way out or that another proposal with the same theme is presented, otherwise there will be countless losses ”, he said.

Source: DCI Newspaper

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