Police seize 2 trucks from André. Suspected fuel adulteration


Source: Rede Sul de Notícias (Guarapuava - PR) - 28/05/2012

The Guarapuava Military Police seized two trucks belonging to André Lopes' group last week. The flagrant was done because the trucks changed fuel from one to another on a public road. Taken to the police station, it was found to be vehicles of a group linked to André Lopes.

The Special Action Group to Combat Organized Crime (Gaeco) also follows the case.

According to the chief delegate of the 14th SDP, ItaloBianchardi Neto, the police are also investigating the possibility of adulteration of fuels. “Samples were taken and the expert is carrying out the evaluation. In the coming days we will know if it is adulterated fuel ”, explains Ítalo.

The two tank trucks were collected in the yard of the Instituto de Criminalística.

The group linked to André Lopes is being investigated by the IRS, Federal Police and Gaeco on suspicion of having evaded more than R $ 500 million. The investigation into the group was launched in March, through Operation Hydra.