ETHICS as a tool to combat COVID-19

Ethics and citizenship are fundamental for the successful fight against COVID-19.


ETCO is a Civil Society Organization, which acts with the purpose of promoting integrity in the business environment. We believe in the practice of fair competition as one of the main foundations of economic development and the construction of a stronger and more just nation.

With the pandemic of COVID19, we live in an unprecedented moment in world history, with devastating effects on the global and Brazilian economy. The OECD estimates that each month of confinement will take 2 points of GDP from major economies and the World Trade Organization (WTO) predicts that global trade will decline by up to 32% this year.

In order to combat the harmful effects on the economy and on the public health system, we have witnessed an enormous effort by the executive (in all its spheres), the legislature, the judiciary and civil society, in order to alleviate the effects of the crisis mainly with vulnerable populations and groups at risk. And it is mainly at times like this, that the ethical behavior of companies and civil society can make all the difference.

ETCO advocates social isolation, as the most effective way to fight the epidemic, respecting the guidelines of health authorities and municipal and state governments. It is a moment that demands the full exercise of citizenship, respect for the laws and for others.

It is not the time to raise prices or make unnecessary stocks. This is no time for layoffs, which will result in immediate and unnecessary costs. It is necessary to seek dialogue, to negotiate fairly and loyally with suppliers, employees, employees and customers.

ETCO remains firm and supportive of all actions that strengthen the fight against COVID-19 and help preserve lives.

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