The economy and justice


Author: Débora Pinho

Source: Laws & Business, 01/10/2007

The business world and the legal community will discuss, on Thursday (4/10), the legal impacts of economic decisions and the economic impacts of legal decisions. The seminar's protagonists will be: the minister of the Superior Court of Justice, Francisco Cesar Asfor Rocha; Cade president Elizabeth Farina and economist and former minister Maílson da Nóbrega.

Minister Asfor Rocha stands out for his innovative profile for a man from the Judiciary, in the Yearbook of Justice. The publication, in which I participated, shows how each minister of the higher courts decides in Brasilia. Asfor Rocha believes that the STJ has an important role in preventing the moral damage industry from gaining strength in the country. In a decision, for example, it reduced the fine owed by Unibanco Seguros to the owner of a vehicle from 1,8 million reais to 5 reais. He is also an ardent defender of contractual morality.

The minister's profile, however, does not reflect that of many judges who judge only on the basis of legislation without taking into account the economic impact of their decisions. Much less that of prosecutors and prosecutors who denounce companies and manage to paralyze works because of merely bureaucratic issues.

Subject is what will not be missing in the event, promoted by the Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition, from 13 pm to 18 pm, at the Hotel Tryp Paulista, in São Paulo.