Deputy Strobel sees tax effectiveness


Source: A Gazeta - MT, 23/01/2008

Sefaz's Deputy Management Secretary, Benedito Nery Guarim Strobel, reiterates that Sefaz's support in the project implementation process for companies is unrestricted, since the system will bring effective benefits to taxpayers, accountants and tax administrations. “The Electronic Invoice will contribute substantially to improve tax efficiency”, In addition to this benefit, the project will provide others such as: reduction of printing costs and acquisition of paper; reduction of truck stopping time at tax points; elimination of typing invoices at the reception of goods; improvement in the fiscal control process, and reduction of tax evasion in a sensitive way, both for the Union and for the State.

The program will reach the following segments: cigarette manufacturers and distributors; fuel producers, formulators, importers and distributors; retail carriers and resellers (TRR); wholesale trade, auto parts or automotive vehicles or building material; refrigerators and beverage industry; timber or furniture trade or industry; trade, industry or export of soybeans and establishments that carry out interstate or export operations.