Anvisa and the Ministry of Justice sign an agreement against drug piracy


Source: Agência Brasil, 03/12/2008

signing of agreement to combat the trade in illegal drugs 

Brasília - The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) and the
National Council for Combating Piracy (CNPC) signed today (3) - “Day
Nacional de Combate Pirataria “- an agreement for the development of actions
joint efforts to combat drug piracy in Brazil.

According to the president of the CNPC, Luiz Paulo Barreto, the increase in
counterfeiting is a problem that has worried you a lot. This year alone, for example,
over 500 pirated drugs have already been seized.

“Our intention is to have a firmer, tougher treatment,
people who operate drug piracy, ”said Barreto. This includes actions
repression of production and commercialization and also awareness of
consumers at the national level.

“You will see a lot of people being arrested for this and a lot of networks being
disjointed in the coming days, because this crime is the worst of all, it is the
cruelest way to reach the consumer when selling a fake product ”,
he added.

Anvisa's CEO, Dirceu Raposo, pointed out that CNCP, the
Federal Police and Federal Highway and the agency have already worked together
in combating counterfeiting of medicines. For him, the importance of the agreement is
formalize this cooperation.

“The idea is to ensure that the actions are programmed in an appropriate manner,
a much greater effect, ”he said.

Raposo recalled that Anvisa's recommendation is that consumers do not buy
medicines or healthcare instruments and equipment except in stores
always avoiding the internet, where it is more difficult to maintain the

In the case of medicines, he explained that it is necessary to pay attention to the seal
transparent, which should not be violated, and also ensure that the packaging is of
original medicine, through the “scratch card”.

“When passing in a medicine package, in a white area, a metal,
information from the drug manufacturer appears ”, he detailed.

This information is visualized by a holographic mechanism, very
difficult to copy or counterfeit.