'Enjoy without moderation' free deer


Source: The Union - PB - - CULTURE - 15/10/2009

The trend is international and came after the overwhelming phenomenon of piracy. All over the world, rock bands started making music available on the internet, creating an alternative to piracy and finding a new lode far from the major labels. In addition, of course, to establish a new dialogue with the listeners. The band Cerva Free does not escape this new trend. She is making her new complete disc available for download.

The most rock n roll power trio in Paraíba is launching the virtual version of their first album, entitled 'Aprecie Sem Moderação'. The work is packed with seven tracks of the purest 'alcoholic rock n roll'. The band's take is hard and raw rock, without frills, with exciting riffs and sticky melodies. The themes, in a subtle and humorous way, always run around sex, alcohol and rock n roll.

Cerva Free came to plug a hole in the rock of Pessoa that has been open since Motherhell stopped attending the stages in Paraíba.

More and more intertwined and heavy, the group uses pseudo-teen lyrics and accurate riffs to weave an easy and competent Speed ​​Rock. Now, the band seems to have found a direction in their formation for good. Cerva Free is a joke by local bands and producers due to frequent changes in the stick.

With the entry of Beto, João Paulo and André seem to have finally found a solution to the problem.

There were two songs recorded and an interesting crap bonus. 'Tem Homem Demais' puts Cerva Free once and for all on the route of independent bands that can tour festivals in Brazil and leave Paraibans far from their youth proud of the sound that is being made here.

It is not for nothing that the band performed at the Festival Casarão, in Porto Velho (RO) and still has dates set in Cuiabá and Uberlândia.