Seizures in Foz in the semester reach R $ 38,7 million


The seizures took place in the primary areas, on tour buses, warehouse hotels and luggage storage, near the Friendship Bridge, on the border with Paraguay.

In June alone, the total seized was R $ 7,7 million. Among the goods seized irregularly are cigarettes and computers. During this period, the revenue actions prevented 1,1 million cigarette packages from being introduced to the market illegally, resulting in fines of R $ 5,4 million. This is equivalent to 11 million packs or 220 million cigarettes.

Seizures of computer and electronic devices totaled R $ 11,3 million, or 29,1% of the total withheld in the first six months of the year.

During this period, 135 circulation buses were taken. The delegate of the Revenue in Foz, José Carlos de Araújo, estimates that in the last 12 months these buses have transported around R $ 600 million in irregular goods.

The IRS's operations also resulted in the seizure of 1,7 tonnes of marijuana, 5,8 kilos of cocaine, 979 bottles of perfume launchers and 2,43 kg of crack.

For more information, please contact the Federal Revenue Commissioner in Foz do Iguaçu, José Carlos de Araújo, by phone (45) 520-4301 / 4357.