Debate Crumbs


Source: Migalhas, 03/03/2009

Debate Crumbs

March 03, 2003 (2.093)

little ripple

And speaking of Independência, it is very beautiful to be talking about Embraer's 4.200, without looking at the thousands that are already gone. Just to give you an idea, the Independência slaughterhouse has something like 20.000 employees and has already announced that it will lay off 25%. In other words, more than Embraer. It is not simple to want that companies, having received money from the State, are forced to keep jobs, as some want. Childhood aside, the moment calls for smart and effective measures. This is no time for small talk. 

March 04, 2009 (2.094)

Reader's crumbs - Panegyric

“Congratulations to Migalhas. With the note “Marolinha” (Migalhas 2.093 - 3/3/09) he demonstrates that in addition to the vast legal knowledge he still dominates the peculiarities of the economy and administration. No businessman fires for the sake of firing. He resigns for lack of demand. If there is demand, he uses it to produce more and thus obtain better results. Smart measures and proposals are moving in this direction. Example tax reduction for cars. To take advantage of this reduction it is necessary to produce. To produce it is necessary to employ, Or consumer credit more abundant and cheaper to stimulate demand. To meet this demand, it is necessary to produce and employ. Romantic proposals are bullshit. "

André Franco Montoro Filho - President of the Brazilian Institute of Competition Ethics - ETCO

March 05, 2009 (2.095)

Reader's crumbs - Panegyric

“I begin by emphasizing the valuable daily collaboration that this instrument provides. And so, as a regular reader, although I never spoke, I felt at ease with the concise article by André Franco Montoro Filho - ETCO (Migalhas 2.094 - 4/3/09). The happy demonstration reminds us of the lessons of your late father. The commendable president of ETCO is right, which I modestly agree with. ”

Renato César Trevisani - Juiz / TRT 15th region, Campinas / SP

March 05th, 2009

Great André Montoro!

Having taken note of the note below - pertinent to your statement transmitted by MIGALHAS number 2.094, of March 04.03.2009, XNUMX -, I could not fail to register my congratulations and shout BRAVOS!

His words were very timely, at a time when the country is so in need of ETHICS, LAW and CITIZENSHIP - as I said in my title book, which, by the way, I had the pleasure of offering you on the happy afternoon of your book launch. - TRANSGRESSION CULTURE IN BRAZIL (together with Ambassador Marcílio Marques Moreira, Bolívar Lamounier, Joaquim Falcão, José Murilo de Carvalho and Roberdo Da Matta -, which took place in the auditorium of the Commercial Association of Rio de Janeiro, at Rua da Candelária, 12.

Ruben Lent.