ETCO and FGV update the Underground Economy Index


Source: MaxPress, 13/11/2008

Confirmed presence of André Franco Montoro Filho, Luiz Guilherme Schymura and Samuel de Abreu Pessoa

On the 18th, Tuesday, at 11 am, the Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics (ETCO) performs at the Brazilian Institute of Economics of the Getulio Vargas Foundation (Ibre / FGV), in São Paulo, the update of the ETCO / FGV Underground Economy Index .

FGV economics professor and researcher Fernando de Holanda Barbosa Filho will present the new data, as well as the numbers from the index's historical series. Also participating in the press conference were professor André Franco Montoro Filho, executive president of ETCO, the institute that commissioned the research, Luiz Guilherme Schymura, director of Ibre, and Samuel de Abreu Pessoa, head of Ibre's Economic Growth Center.

In addition to measuring the behavior of the underground economy, the indicator makes it possible to identify the various variables that affect it and shows ways to develop public policies that create mechanisms to incorporate informality into the formal economy.

Update on the Shadow Economy Index

Date: 18/11/08, Tuesday
Time: 11h
Location: Brazilian Institute of Economics of Fundação Getulio Vargas (Ibre)
Address: Av. Paulista, 548, 6th floor - Paraíso - São Paulo, SP