BoldCron launches 'Notanet': solution aims to meet the demand for Electronic Invoice


Direct Look, 12/04/2006

Aware of the new regulations that involve the Electronic Invoice (NF-e) project, which will become mandatory in Brazil from 2007, BoldCron, a national company specialized in Information Technology (IT), takes the lead in the development of solutions geared to this demand. At the same time, BoldCron's systems, through a partnership, are also able to operate the SAP NetWeaver platform, a tool that supports the entire process required by the Secretariat of Finance (Sefaz) for the NF-e program.

The Sefaz project foresees the replacement of the note issued today on paper by a digital equivalent to be sent to the agency, at the time it is generated. Currently, about 20 large companies in the country are already in the pilot phase of implementation. The importance of the NF-e is seen both from the taxpayer and SEFAZ side. On the taxpayer side, we are talking about cost reduction in relation to the infrastructure and the storage of banknotes, process optimization and information crossing. From the agency's point of view, the project provides for better control of the issued notes, reduction of access time to taxpayers 'information, optimization of tax collection planning and greater transparency of taxpayers' fiscal situation.

EXPERTISE - BoldCron has competitive advantages in the implementation of the program because it already has a component responsible for digital signature, encryption and decryption of files following the legislation and rules of ICP Brasil (set of techniques, practices and procedures, to be implemented by government and private organizations with the objective of establishing the technical and methodological foundations of a digital certification system based on public key). This component guarantees quality, reliability and high performance, since it has been in use for more than three years, in critical applications such as signing foreign exchange contracts with financial institutions.

Parallel to the knowledge of this technology, BoldCron dominates the SAP NetWeaver development platform, which makes the NF-e solution fully integrated with the SAP platform. That is, companies that have SAP will have access to an NF-e solution in the standard required by the Secretariat of Finance and by SAP, minimizing investments by the company and ensuring maximum interoperability between systems.