Bureaucracy (Column by Arnaldo Jabor)


Author: Jornal da Globo

Source: Rede Globo, 11/11/2007

The bureaucracy was born in 1500, came with Cabral, in the caravels and is one of the Portuguese vices planted here.


It aimed at strengthening the power of the Crown, making entrepreneurs without initiative, dependent on the king and after the state, so that society served the state and not the state, as it is in developed countries.


In reality, bureaucracy invented Brazil. The idea of ​​an entrepreneurial, creative society has always disliked colonial leaders.


Even today, “companies” are viewed with suspicion, since public “employment” has been desired since childhood: “ah… when my son grows up he goes to the bank in Brazil…”


Bureaucracy also empowers mediocre people to create difficulties and sell ease. It is our main disease, where the other evils come from.


As technological progress accelerates, our chaos increases. We are an old wagon that tries to walk, powered by a computer.


That country's main revolution would be against bureaucracy. But how? With this government, which has already hired thousands of bureaucrats, who wants to end fiscal responsibility, which believes in the parent state, giant state, Lulão state. Like?