Bureaucracy binds CAP


Source: O Globo, 05/02/2009

Despite the political will and willingness to invest R $ 646 billion by 2010 in the Growth Acceleration Program, the government will have to face a powerful and treacherous enemy to make the PAC viable: the bureaucracy. The opinion is of Paulo Fleury, professor at UFRJ and executive director of the Institute of Logistics and Supply Chain, convinced that not even a management shock will be enough to get some projects off the ground.

It is no coincidence that the PAC schedule is delayed.

The program has many obstacles. The Federal Court of Accounts (TCU), for example, got in trouble with the works at three airports, questioning the overprices.

Fleury also points out that the obstacles of the Transoceanic - a 2,6 km highway along the Amazon Forest and the Andes, which will cut through Brazil, Peru and Bolivia - range from environmental issues to land problems. The trembala, which will link Rio to São Paulo, will also be “just a problem”, according to the logistics specialist.

- As the bullet train is a project that will cut the Serra da Mantiqueira, can you imagine the volume of environmental barriers that will have to be broken down? - asks Fleury, adding that the construction of a port in the south of Bahia will also not be easy to make possible, since the region is an ecological sanctuary.

It is that the government, says Fleury, has “hands and feet tied”, because it is impossible to control all the questions presented by civil society and public bodies. (Liana Melo)