Unpublished campaign warns of the dangers of smuggling


The cheapest is not always the best choice. Even more when the option is for smuggled, pirated or counterfeit products.

The Brazilian Association to Combat Counterfeiting (ABCF), in partnership with the Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition (ETCO), launched this Wednesday, July 23, the campaign "Promotion Achou, Perdeu!"

The campaign's proposal is to draw the attention of consumers and society to the risks that products from contraband bring to safety and health. The tone of the communication follows the line of the great sales of popular stores, but with a focus on unknown components and the dangers generated by pirated software, illegal cigarettes from Paraguay and toys without Inmetro certification.

“We want to involve society and encourage a change in consumer behavior, showing that often what appears to be an advantage, in fact, only brings problems and harms to health and increased crime in the state”, explains Rodolpho Ramazzini, director of the Association Brazilian Fight Against Counterfeiting (ABCF).

"As well as the health and safety risks were not enough, the increase in smuggling also significantly affects the state's revenue", concludes Ramazzini.


Aimed at classes B and C, which are among the largest consumers of smuggled, pirated or counterfeit products, the campaign “Promotion Found, Lost!” was based on various statistics and research by Ibope, which helped to identify the points that hurt and sensitize the consumer the most.

Campaign reach

The campaign will run in the metropolitan region of Curitiba between the months of July and October and will be on several billboards, bus shelters, on TV channels, radio and newspapers.

After this period, the entities will analyze the results - such as the drop in the consumption of smuggled and counterfeit products - to evaluate the possibility of expanding the circulation to other states and cities affected by this problem.