CGU launches new registration format for companies committed to ethics


Pro Ethics

The Comptroller General of the Union (CGU) and the Ethos Institute today launch (7) the new format of Pró-Ética, an initiative that recognizes companies committed to integrity, transparency, prevention and combating corruption in the corporate environment and is supported by the Brazilian Institute of Competition Ethics (ETCO). Created in 2010, the register went through a restructuring process in 2014, based on changes brought about by the Anti-Corruption Law (Law 12.846 / 2013).

One of the novelties is the new evaluation methodology. From now on, each organization will be evaluated annually, based on a previous profile analysis, followed by a questionnaire with open questions. Before, the questions followed the yes or no model. The amendment aims to deepen the qualitative examination of the integrity measures adopted by companies.

Another novelty is the disclosure of the list of companies covered by the Pró-Ética brand, which will be made annually. This list will be released at an event, where the best integrity practices presented during the year will also be valued and disclosed.

ETCO supports this initiative, insofar as it collaborates for the adoption, by the private sphere, of the commitment of companies to articulate themselves as true schools of ethical behavior, through the development of internal codes of conduct and transparency

“ETCO is confident that companies can disseminate the concept that the development and implementation of codes of ethics are capable of preventing misconduct that erodes the business environment” analyzes Heloisa Ribeiro, executive editor of ETCO.

Any corporation, regardless of size and field of activity, can apply to join Pró-Ética. Membership is voluntary. Registration must be made on the Controllership website between May 7 and July 31. Applications will be evaluated by a management committee, chaired alternately by CGU and the Ethos Institute, and composed of eight more institutions from the public and private sectors recognized in the business community.

All evaluated companies will receive a report with detailed analysis of the integrity measures. Thus, even if the company is not yet able to be included in Pró-Ética's annual list, it can take advantage of the initiative to improve the integrity program. Details on the evaluation and the functioning of the register can be consulted in the Regulation.


How the assessment is made

First, the company fills out an electronic form, showing interest, on the CGU website. Then, the system access password is sent, where the profile analysis and the evaluation questionnaire for completion are available.

The responses to the profile analysis are declaratory, without the need for documentary evidence, and provide for the area of ​​operation, structure, relationship with the Public Administration. The questionnaire, made with open questions, addresses six areas: commitment from top management and commitment to ethics; policies and procedures; communication and training; reporting and remediation channels; risk analysis and monitoring and transparency and accountability in political and social financing.

For each question, there is a score. The company must send supporting documents for each response, which will be evaluated by the management committee. The corporation that reaches a score equal to or above 70 points and, cumulatively, reaches a minimum of 40% in all areas of the questionnaire will be able to compose the Pro-Ethics list for that year. After approval, the company signs a commitment to ethics and integrity and becomes a Pro-Ethics company.


Pro-Ethics 2015

Registration period: from May 7 to July 31

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