Fighting corruption is on the agenda of the federal government and the third sector

CGU and third sector representatives discuss fight against corruption
CGU and third sector representatives discuss fight against corruption

Strategies for strengthening the policy to prevent and confront corruption was the theme of the meeting between the Chief Minister of the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU), Valdir Simão, the National Secretary of Justice of the Ministry of Justice, Beto Vasconcelos, and representatives of the third sector, which took place this afternoon (30), in the auditorium of the CGU headquarters building, in Brasília.

Valdir Simão emphasized, during the meeting, that it is necessary to reflect on the public and private role in the fight against corruption. "Corruption is not just a question of character, it is also an opportunity and, to combat this, it is necessary to reduce the possibilities of acts of corruption and increase the feeling of risk of the action, detecting and punishing these acts quickly," said the minister.

Beto Vasconcelos highlighted that the CGU and the Ministry of Justice have acted strongly in the creation of public policies in the fight against corruption and taking important measures in the prevention and transparency. "We want to have even more channels of dialogue to build structural, continuous and unforgiving policies in this fight together", he said.

Some examples of actions and strategies are already in effect within the scope of the federal government, such as the Transparency Portal, the National Registry of Unfaithful and Suspended Companies (Ceis), the Federal Government's Covenant Management and Onlending Contracts System (Siconv) and the New Where is it.

Representatives of the Open Society Foundation, ETCO, Rede Nossa São Paulo, Amarribo Brasil, Instituto Ethos, Transparência Brasil, Inesc and Ibrademp participated in the meeting. Several proposals emerged in the debate, such as training on the Anti-Corruption Law (LAC), awards for preventive actions and communication campaigns to educate and deal with the issue with society.

The agenda of meetings on the topic will be continuous. “We need to listen and discuss more with civil society. The fight against corruption is not exclusive to the federal government, it depends on everyone ”, said Simão.


Source: (30/06)