Fighting the big business of piracy


Jornal do Brasil, 20/02/2005

Piracy moves R $ 56 billion annually in Brazil and causes losses of R $ 84 million to the collection, removing yet 2 million jobs. In addition, it has proven implications for organized crime. To fight it effectively, the National Council for Combating Piracy, of the Ministry of Justice, made up of representatives of the private sector and government - ministries, Federal Police, Highway Police, Federal Revenue, etc. - will be promoted and will have the support of other institutions, such as Fiesp, CNI and OAB, as collaborators.

The executive secretary of the Council, Márcio Gonçalves, emphasizes the 92% increase in the seizure of pirated products verified last year, but stresses the need to establish a joint strategy to stop the advance of piracy. One of the goals will be to convince industries to reduce the prices of the most counterfeit products, whose low cost attracts consumers, despite the poor quality. Today, piracy covers almost all productive sectors, with emphasis on those of beverages, cigarettes, phonographs, computers, audiovisuals and fuels.

The war requires commitment and performance in the smuggling import, reception and distribution sectors. On the 26th, in a place kept confidential, the Council holds a meeting to define the National Plan to Combat Piracy.