Baptized fuel makes maintenance more expensive


Source: Minaspetro - Belo Horizonte / MG - 17/08/2010

The saying "cheap is expensive" fits like a glove with regard to adulterated fuels. In the same region, prices far below those practiced by the market may mean that the product may have been named. To take economic advantage, some stations include irregular substances, many of them even found in the original composition, such as water, alcohol or solvents, but which, when in excess, can cause serious damage to the car.

And this is where the difference in the price of a liter of fuel, up to R $ 0,40 less, can be converted into exorbitant expenses in mechanic workshops. According to Anfavea, the damage caused by adulteration, only for vehicles still with a factory warranty, exceeds US $ 50 million per year.

By emergency, a driver from São Paulo, who prefers not to be identified, refueled his Senic at the first station he found. It saved R $ 0,40 per liter of gasoline purchased. “The next day the car was always choking. I also noticed oscillations in the idle. I had to change the combustion regulator and the total cost was R $ 980 ”.

In addition, the use of adulterated fuel can cause a reduction in engine performance and efficiency; deterioration in the electronic injection system, among other damages.

Defend yourself

At the service stations, the consumer has the right to request the “test tube test” in order to check the quality of the fuel. For gasoline, the maximum alcohol content allowed is 25%. Equal parts of alcohol and distilled water are placed in a test tube, which are stirred. The difference in the top 50 milliliters reveals whether or not gasoline is named.

In the case of alcohol, the percentage of water cannot exceed 6%. The consumer can check the index using a device, which is located near the pump. The fuel level must not pass the red line. The test can be done manually.

The probability of acquiring a christened product is so high that the ANP (National Petroleum Agency) has created a specific service for victim complaints. Through the site (, the consumer will be able to register their complaints. The aforementioned establishments will be investigated and, if irregularities are proven, they will be subject to fines.

Know the problems and their solutions

A number of damages are caused to the car engine that uses adulterated fuel. According to the ANP, the most common are:

- Engine malfunctions;

- Idling speed instability;

- More difficult matches;

- Motor “hits pin” (pre-ignition signal);

- Engine chokes and comes to a stop;

- Gradual loss of power and torque;

- Performance and performance decrease;

- Higher emission of pollutants;

- Increased consumption;

- Feed system rubbers fall apart;

- Increased deposit of coal in valves and plugs.

How to solve

- Clean the carburetor or fuel injectors;

- Drain the adulterated fuel or clean the tank;

- Replace the hoses and supply connections;

- Change all fuel filters.

How to avoid

- Invoice is guarantee when claiming, demand it;

- If it is impossible to refuel at the usual station, use another one of the same brand. See also if the brand of the pump corresponds to that of the distributor that supplies the establishment.

Source: Cash Newspaper