Contraband advances in Santa Catarina


In an article published in the newspaper Diário Catarinense, on 8/11, Edson Vismona, president of ETCO, talks about the problem of smuggling and what is needed to face it.


Contraband advances in Santa Catarina



Cigarette smuggling is now one of the most serious issues, and Brazil is one of the most affected by this illicit market.
To get an idea of ​​the extent of the problem, 22% of Santa Catarina's cigarette market is dominated by illegal brands.

This illicit trade directly affects tax collection, public policy development, consumer health and job creation in the state of Santa Catarina. However, the situation is even more serious. This is national security, as organized crime is dominating the borders of Latin American countries.

In this context, smuggling is no longer just a local concern and has taken on a continental dimension. It is estimated that every year in Latin America, between 0,9% and 2% of GDP is lost due to illegal trade. To try to find alternatives to fight these illicit acts, the Latin American Anti-Smuggling Alliance was created, composed of 15 countries.

The Alliance's first meeting was held in early October in Bogotá, the Colombian capital, to discuss and establish shared actions that allow greater control over the illegal trade in cigarettes, textiles, beverages, food, plastics and metals.
Based on the discussions, an action plan against illicit trade was formalized and presented during the 25th Iberoamerican Summit of Heads of State and Government, which was held in Colombia in late October.
One of the main causes for the increase in smuggling is the staggering difference in product prices, the result of absolutely unequal tax policies between countries. To try to reverse this scenario, it is necessary to calibrate the tax burden and combat the massive supply of illegal products.

By participating in the initiative of the Latin American Anti-Smuggling Alliance, we identified an opportunity for the countries involved to find ways to combat illegal activity, which does not respect borders, governments and police authorities.
Without coordinated work, we will hardly be able to overcome this great transnational challenge. Articles containing between 2.050 and 2.140 characters will be published in this space. Smuggling is no longer just a local concern and has taken on a continental dimension