The number of companies that issue Electronic Notes in RS grows 20 times


Author: Felipe Vieira

Source: 07/07/2008

With the mandatory Electronic Invoice for the cigarette and fuel sectors, since April this year, and with the efforts of the State Revenue to prospect new economic segments, the number of companies authorized to issue the Electronic Invoice has grown 20 times in one year . Today, there are approximately 400 companies issuing NF-e, compared to only 20 last year, when the use of the system started to be expanded. This group includes small, medium and large companies, most of which are in the industrial sector.

Simplifying ancillary obligations, the Electronic Invoice improves the billing, document storage, control and logistics processes, in addition to reducing the number of paper documents, contributing to cost reduction and stimulating business. It also provides greater tax control over economic transactions, based on almost instant information.

For the director of the State Revenue, Júlio César Grazziotin, Rio Grande do Sul is a national reference for the systems developed by the Secretariat of Finance and Procergs, which were fundamental for this growth. Companies seek to adapt to technological advances. According to him, there is an expectation that this number will increase even more, at the end of the year. “With the entry into force of the requirement for the automotive, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, medicines, cement, refrigerators, semi-finished and laminated steel and energy suppliers sectors, the number of companies that emit the Electronic Invoice ”, evaluates Grazziotin.

For secretary Aod Cunha, "the expansion of the Electronic Note reinforces the actions of the Treasury Department in the sense of creating an environment of greater fiscal justice for taxpayers who correctly comply with their obligations, reducing the possibility of evasion".

RS issues electronic invoices to 12 other states

Thanks to the excellence of its system, Rio Grande do Sul also started to collaborate with other States in the authorization of the Electronic Invoice. With Sefaz Virtual, companies and State Revenue issue and authorize tax documents uninterruptedly.

Today, the number of authorized Electronic Notes, via Sefaz Virtual, including the States of Acre, Alagoas, Amazonas, Amapá, Mato Grosso do Sul, Paraíba, Rio de Janeiro, Roraima, Santa Catarina, Sergipe, Tocantins and Rondônia, exceeds 5 million referents; in Rio Grande do Sul this number exceeds 3 million. In total financial transactions, the notes issued amount to R $ 106,8 billion.

The monitoring of this and other information can be performed on the website of the Finance Secretariat,, which allows full or summarized consultation on a given NF-e and conference of companies that have already adapted to the issuance of the electronic tax document.