From Bureaucracy to Corruption


Source: ETCO, 15/10/2007

The strengthening of economic, political and state institutions for the
prevention of bureaucratization and corruption is the theme of the seminar that the Institute
Hélio Beltrão performs, with the support of the Brazilian Institute of Ethics
Competition - ETCO, on October 24th and 25th, in Brasília. The event
intends to identify the main structural and cyclical causes of the excess
bureaucracy and its role as factors inducing misconduct


The Seminar also aims to place bureaucratization and corruption in the
international context, identify the economic and political costs of both countries
phenomena and study the means to raise awareness and mobilize public opinion,
civil society entities and the political class.


For ETCO president, Professor André Franco Montoro Filho, to debate the
effects of bureaucracy is paramount in the process of building an environment
more ethical competitive environment. “There are those who see government bureaucratic barriers
a promoter of informality ”, says Prof. André Montoro. "Even,
for some, this is not just an excuse, there is no doubt that the burden
bureaucratic difficulties make life difficult for the company ”.


The Director-President of Instituto Hélio Beltrão, lawyer João Geraldo
Piquet Carneiro, says that in many cases, bureaucracy and corruption are
feed, with serious consequences for the quality of public management. "THE
excessive bureaucratization and corruption undermine the quality of the regime
democratic system and the free enterprise economic system, leading to discredit
public institutions and the economic order not only in the three spheres of
government - federal, state and municipal - but also in the functioning of the
market, ”adds Piquet Carneiro.


The expectation is that a list of viable proposals will emerge from this seminar
medium and long term and that points to a practical solution to the losses
caused by bureaucracy. 

The event also has the support of the Ministry of Planning, Budget and
Management, through the Management Secretariat.