In 21 years, Major Carvalho was denounced for 10 crimes


Source: Maracaju News - MS - 17/07/2009

Expelled from the Military Police by order of the Court of Justice of Mato Grosso do Sul, retired major Sérgio Roberto Carvalho accumulates complaints of having committed 10 crimes in the last 21 years in Mato Grosso do Sul.

The extensive list is in the statement of the judge of the Military Audit, Alexandre Antunes da Silva, sent to the 2nd Criminal Panel of the TJ / MS, for the maintenance of his preventive detention.

The first complaint against the major was tire smuggling from Paraguay, when the Federal Police seized a truck in his father's name on August 28, 1988.

Eleven years later, on November 7, 1997, Carvalho was arrested with 237 kilos of cocaine on his property, at Fazenda Santa Terezinha. He was eventually sentenced to 16 years in prison on November 9, 1999.

Three months later, on January 2, 1998, he was charged with corrupting, upon payment of bribes, a magistrate from the 3rd Region to obtain habeas corpus to leave the prison where he was being held for international drug trafficking.

Adulteration - On March 10, 98, two major trucks were seized for tax crimes against the Union in Três Lagoas, 339 kilometers from the capital.

On May 27, 1999, Carvalho was denounced for keeping a cell phone and fax machine in the cell of the Military Prison in Campo Grande, where he was serving his sentence for international drug trafficking. At the time, the police seized, inside the cell, US $ 180 thousand and another R $ 27 thousand, in cash, inside the prison unit.

Transferred to one of the cells of the General Command of the Military Police, Carvalho was denounced on April 12, 2001, for falsifying a work certificate to reduce the 16-year sentence, for which he had been sentenced two years earlier.

On January 7, 2004, the ANP (National Petroleum Agency) assessed posts in the name of Major Carvalho for adulteration of fuels. Federal agency inspectors found adulterated products in the tanks. In testimony to the Military Audit this month, the major denied that he owned gas stations, as stated in the prosecution of the Public Ministry.

Slots - In June 2007, the major was arrested by the Federal Police for the second time. At the time, he was accused of being one of the slot machine mafia bosses. At the time, police officers also arrested Andrey Galilei Cunha, who was arrested on May 20 this year, for remaining associated with the major.

They were arrested in Operation Las Vegas, which arrested 17 people for joining a gang formed to exploit gambling. Carvalho is accused of being the owner of two casinos in the Capital and one in Bolivia and of using the PM structure to end the competition.

Order - For Silva, the record “undoubtedly reveals that the patient (major) has high experience in the criminal enterprise, including as head of a criminal organization, as well as demonstrating indisputably that he has a tendency to continue delinquent”.

After defending the maintenance of Carvalho imprisoned in the Federal Prison of Campo Grande, the magistrate stressed that “it is certain that this experience in the command of criminal organizations gives him a high degree of danger, not only to the physical and psychological integrity of the potential witnesses, but also to the stability and credibility of democratic institutions ”.

"Their freedom will provoke the feeling of insecurity in potential witnesses, in addition to generating considerable damage to the credibility of the institutions involved in solving the case," warned Alexandre Antunes da Silva.

“In freedom, repeat, it will put several institutions in a position capable of raising
unbelief, especially to the Military Police, given that 4 members of the aforementioned gang have the status of Military Police, which is unacceptable, since the State confers on this Institution the task of preserving public order, which, among other things, it means guaranteeing faithful compliance with the law, offering security to society, reasons why the practice of crimes by military police, especially through criminal organizations, has the power to, by itself, undermine public order ”, emphasized the military auditor.

The major's request for freedom will be analyzed by the 2nd Criminal Panel, which ordered the release of PM Marcos Massaranduba's cable, arrested in Operation Las Vegas.