In an interview with Jornal Hoje (29/03), President of ETCO talks about the relationship between smuggling and organized crime

Photo: G1-
Photo: G1-

Brazil lost R $ 130 billion to contraband last year. Cigarette tops the list of products that most enter the country illegally, but also parts for cars, electronics, medicine and a lot of counterfeit fuel also arrive.

This increase in the range of counterfeit and smuggled products shows the fragility of our ports, airports and borders. They are easy ways for a crime that has consequences for the economy and also for the health and safety of those who consume it.

Minister of Justice Osmar Serraglio signed a cooperation protocol with the National Movement in Defense of the Brazilian Legal Market. Led by the Brazilian Institute for Competition Ethics, it brings together the Mixed Parliamentary Front to Combat Smuggling and Counterfeiting, the National Forum Against Piracy and Illegality and 70 other entities. The government has promised to intensify border control and protect legal production.

(Source: Jornal Hoje / TV Globo / 29-03-2017)

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