ETCO celebrates a year with event


The Brazil Parallel X Economic Growth seminar? how to eliminate barriers to development and the formal economy in Brazil, starts with a diagnosis prepared by McKinsey, with the purpose of showing how informality inhibits Brazilian growth and the harmful consequences that this illegality causes in productivity, income and investments in companies.


Opening Panel? Emerson Kapaz Study Presentation - Welcome
Geraldo Alckmin? Governor of the State of S. Paulo
McKinsey Study Presentation

Panel ? Present View: Challenges and Impasses
Mediator - Marcos Lisboa? Economic Policy Secretary
Daniel Goldberg? Secretary of Economic Law
Eduardo Giannetti da Fonseca? Economist, political scientist and philosopher

Panel ? Future vision ? Alternatives and Solutions
Mediator? Heródoto Barber
Alexandre Scheinkman? Economist, professor at Princeton University
Everardo Maciel? Tax consultant and member of the ETCO Advisory Board
Abílio Diniz? Sugar Loaf

Debates Vision of the Federal Government

Conclusions and Closing? Emerson Kapaz