ETCO launches second edition of its magazine


Brazilian Institute of Competition Ethics has just released the second issue of
ETCO magazine. The title proves the success of the first edition, which won
a vast and qualified universe of readers, such as the Vice President of the Republic
José Alencar, Minister of Justice Márcio Thomaz Bastos and Governor of
São Paulo State, Geraldo Alckmin, in addition to presidents of
ambassadors, businessmen and citizens from different Brazilian cities.

The magazine's second edition features an even broader reading menu
and varied. On the pages are found since exclusive interviews with the
Minister Thomaz Bastos and the Secretary of Federal Revenue, Jorge Rachid, until
reports that reveal the smuggling routes, the role of the National Council of
Combating Piracy and Offenses against Intellectual Property and the Council
State of Valuation and Farming Action, which brought together attorneys and
São Paulo inspection coordinators. The publication also includes an article
by Everaldo Maciel, who talks about tax complications and the institution
do Simples, and Francisco Viana, who discusses the issue of ethics as a
nations' wealth.

In addition, there are two important records. One is the fact that the Institute
inspiring similar initiatives in sister countries like Argentina, the
Chile and Mexico. In parallel, ETCO's new chairman, Leonardo
Gadotti, talks about plans for the future, and salutes his predecessor,
Milton Cabral.

See also: Previous editions [No. 1 -
August 2004]