The ETCO Institute starts broadcasting the “Ethical Values” campaign on TV. Produced by Central Globo de Comunicação, directed by filmmaker Domingos de Oliveira and narrated by actress Fernanda Torres, the series consists of five films, and addresses examples of corruption and lack of citizenship. “Our idea is to mobilize society through films that will certainly provoke a reflection on our scale of values ​​in the face of people's behavior in different situations”, emphasizes Emerson Kapaz, executive president of the Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition.

During the creation of the films, Domingos bet on people's feeling of indignation to sensitize public opinion. ? I thought about what was unspeakable, and from there, the idea arose to focus on the unethical postures of people in the different segments of citizenship ?, says the director.

In this first moment, the campaign will run for 15 days, and will show examples of behavior of a hard-hitting taxpayer, a civil servant, a supervisor, a doctor and a politician.

According to the director of Central Globo de Comunicação, Luís Erlanger, TV Globo bet on this theme because it believes that it is through the awareness of the population that the country can grow.

Technical Data:

Ethical Values ​​Campaign
Films: Tax evader, Fiscal, Civil Servant, Medical and Political Receipt
Initiative: Brazilian Institute of Competition Ethics
Production: Central Globo de Comunicação
Directed by: Domingos de Oliveira
Location: Fernanda Torres

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