Counterfeiting steals 1,5 million new jobs in São Paulo alone


By LUÍS ALFREDO DOLCI, Diário de São Paulo, 13/12/2004

This is the total number of vacancies that could be created by combating piracy. It is almost the same number of unemployed in Greater São Paulo
Fake CDs, DVDs or toys are not just synonymous with poor quality products. Buying this type of product, in practice, also means helping to raise unemployment statistics in the country. According to an estimate by the Brazilian Institute of Competition Ethics (Etco), because of piracy, 1,5 million jobs are no longer created in São Paulo? 80% of them only in the Capital and metropolitan region. The new jobs are very close to the total number of unemployed workers in Greater São Paulo (1,7 million, according to the latest Seade / Dieese survey).

The influence of pirated products on the economy prevents the creation of vacancies in sectors that cannot resist unfair competition from copies. This is the case, for example, of companies that work with software and computer equipment. ? Some companies even end up giving up investing in the country because of the power of piracy ,? says Etco President Emerson Kapaz.