Trade Federation of Mato Grosso launches campaign against piracy

Edson Vismona in a lecture at Fecomercio, where he spoke about the importance of integrated action by productive entities and the public authorities.
Edson Vismona in a lecture at the launch of the Fecomercio-MT campaign against piracy, where he spoke about the importance of integrated action by productive entities and the public authorities.

The President of the Federation of Commerce of Goods, Services and Tourism of the State of Mato Grosso (Fecomércio-MT), Hermes Martins da Cunha, launched this Wednesday (20/09), in Brasilia, a national campaign against the trade of products counterfeit and smuggled. The initiative is supported by the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC), with the participation of the National Network of Legislative Advisors (Renalegis), and the partnership of several national entities and bodies.

The main publicity piece of the campaign is the Primer Against Piracy and Smuggling - in Favor of Legal Trade. According to Hermes Cunha, the objective is to protect legal enterprises against the disorder caused by smuggling and piracy.

“The most obvious damage is taking revenue from municipalities, states and the Union, financial resources that could be used for health, education and security. We are convinced that, with this work, we can leverage more resources and mitigate losses to the legal economy. ”

For the manager, when illegal trade is inhibited, companies will be better able to leverage their revenue and, growing, increase the supply of jobs and pay more taxes. “In fact, when governments realize that there is more tax collection, they will even be able to reduce the tax burden. Everyone wins. ”

The president of Fecomércio-MT considered CNC's support to the campaign very important. In his view, this will provide fundamental support for its multiplication by other states.

ETCO and Forum Against Piracy

The president of the National Forum against Piracy and Illegality (FNCP) and of the Brazilian Institute of Ethics in Competition (ETCO), Edson Vismona, said that both civil associations, which bring together business entities focused on combating illegality and tax evasion, gave broad support for the campaign. "Without ethics and defense of the law, the country will not develop", he sentenced.

He emphasized the analyzes of the president of Fecomércio-MT saying that illegal products harm the consumer in various ways, in addition to the public purse and legalized traders. And he drew attention to the campaign The Brazil we want, supported by ETCO against smuggling, "an evil that robs the market of national companies, fuels organized crime and bleeds public coffers".


The act of launching the campaign was carried out during breakfast at the Senac Federal School Restaurant. Two vice-presidents of CNC participated: federal deputy Laércio Oliveira, president of Fecomércio-SE, and Adelmir Santana, president of Fecomércio-DF. Also present at the event were the senators of Mato Grosso Wellington Fagundes (PR), José Medeiros (PODE) and Cidinho Santos (PR).


The entities and public bodies that are partners of the campaign are, in addition to ETCO and FNCP, the Federal Highway Police, the state section of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB-MT), Procon-MT, the State Audit Court, the Mato Association of the Municipalities, the Secretariat of Finance and the State Control Network.