FHC: He spits on the plate he ate


Source: O Estado de S. Paulo, 28/02/2008

Former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso reacted yesterday to Lula's declaration, which he called his predecessors “cold-footed”. “He needs to look a little more respectfully at those who preceded him. It gets ugly, every day you spit on the plate you're eating, ”he said.

At the meeting with the businessmen, Lula commented that his government was lucky. “A little luck doesn't hurt anyone. God forbid I be as cold-hearted as others have been in this country, ”he said. "Luck only helps those who work hard."

Speaking of Brazil's change of position, from debtor to international creditor, he said that “luck” was possible with the 2003 fiscal adjustment and the increase in the surplus to 4,23% of GDP.