Fiesp inaugurates unprecedented exhibition on counterfeit products


From this Thursday (16/06), the sidewalk of Avenida Paulista, a traditional selling point for counterfeit products, will be the stage of an unprecedented show promoted by Fiesp. Pirated goods will continue to be the protagonists, but this time, in an exhibition that will present the damage they cause to the country. The installation, installed in front of the Fiesp building is part of the campaign “Brazil Against Piracy”.

For one month, an interactive stand will display the numbers of piracy in Brazil, which demonstrate the damaging effects of this illegal trade on the economy and its relationship with unemployment, investment flight and tax evasion, in addition to the risks it imposes on the consumer.

The great attraction of the exhibition, however, will be the contact it will provide the public with this underground world. Immersed in a claustrophobic atmosphere, which will follow the concept of traditional counterfeit goods outlets, visitors will be able to trigger a destruction mechanism for dozens of pirated products. To complete, the ambient sound will simulate the noise of the streets where this type of commerce is practiced.

Products from the most commonly imitated brands will be on display: Nike, Mizuno, Reebok shoes; Havaianas sandals; Bic pens; Louis Vuitton bags; backpacks; shirts and t-shirts Ralph Loren; Mattel toys; Topper and Nike soccer team shirts; Perfumes; tennis insoles; Bic lighters; clocks; CDs; software; DVDs.

All products were donated by the Association for the Protection of Intellectual and Phonographic Rights (APDIF), the Brazilian Association of Software Companies (ABES) and the Business Software Alliance (BSA).


The exhibition, which will open after the second edition of the seminar “Brazil Against Piracy” (which also takes place on Thursday, in the morning) is part of Fiesp's efforts in this fight. It is also the continuation of a work begun in late March, when the entity committed itself to intensify actions to combat illegal practice, in response to the threat of exclusion of Brazil from the North American General System of Preferences (SGP). According to the SGP, several products from developing countries are exempt from tariffs to enter the United States. Currently, Brazilians export US $ 3,4 billion (almost 15% of the total value shipped each year to that country) through this system.

About two months ago, the United States government threatened to exclude Brazil from the SGP, in retaliation for the alleged ineffectiveness in combating piracy. However, shortly after the participation of US Senator Norm Coleman in a seminar on the topic at Fiesp, the USTR (US Department of Foreign Trade) decided to extend the country's permanence in the SGP, conditioning the status to the continuity of efforts to fight crime.

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