São Paulo government holds seminars to increase red tape


Author: Public Management

Source: Secretariat of Public Management - SP, 09/03/2009

The State Secretary for Public Management, Sidney Beraldo, and the Secretary for Employment and Labor Relations, Guilherme Afif Domingos, opened today, the 9th, the Cycle of Seminars on Bureaucratic Measures. The objective of the event - which had 160 people - is to train and qualify public servants to continue the policy of reducing bureaucracy implemented by the government of the State of São Paulo, aiming at reducing costs to the population and increasing efficiency in public administration.

At the opening, Secretary Sidney Beraldo highlighted the importance of reducing bureaucracy in the administrative machine. “The watchword today is competitiveness. There are bureaucratic bottlenecks that need to be overcome. Reducing bureaucracy improves public service and reduces costs for citizens, ”he said. The secretary cites as an example to be followed the agreements made between the government and the city halls. “In the past, eight certificates were needed to make an agreement. Currently, just one document is enough. ”

Secretary Afif Domingos, on the other hand, warned of the need to speed up the opening of companies. "We want to reduce the opening period from six months to 15 days," he emphasized. For the secretary, the challenge of reducing bureaucracy is to help remove some 3 million micro and small entrepreneurs from informality.

Seminar cycle

With the seminars, the government hopes to survey among the secretariats to identify legislation that dispenses with bureaucratic procedures. The initiatives came about as a result of Decree 52.658 / 08, instituted by Governor José Serra. The purpose of the decree is to encourage red tape, making several documents exempt from authentication and signature recognition. Among them, identity card, driver's license and DUT (Single Transfer Document).
In addition to optimizing the public service, promoting the reduction of expenses and improving the service to the population, the measure also seeks to facilitate the life of the São Paulo entrepreneur, making it less bureaucratic to start a company and public administration bidding processes.

Through the seminars, managers will be able to map the secretariats and the problems faced by civil servants in the process of making the public service less bureaucratic. With technical support from Fundap (Administrative Development Foundation), the Public Management Secretariat, together with the Employment and Labor Relations Secretariat, was responsible for organizing and promoting the seminar cycle. In addition to São Paulo, they will host the event Campinas, Presidente Prudente and Ribeirão Preto.