Time to support


O Globo, 03/04/2005

For years, piracy has advanced in Brazil without facing a reaction from the authorities. The result was that the problem grew to reach immense dimensions, today accounting for a loss of tax collection of R $ 30 billion annually (one and a half times the CPMF revenue). Does Brazil, according to the National Union of Revenue Technicians, already occupy the fourth place among the countries that most consume pirated articles? after China, Russia and Paraguay.

Finally, however, there is now a more energetic attitude towards combating product counterfeiting. The creation of a council, with private initiative, to address the issue and the launch of a plan to combat piracy are promising. Is the plan, in turn, realistic in anticipating not only police actions but also encouraging the creation of lines of articles? CDs, DVDs, books? cheaper, as well as information campaigns.

Even before, successful actions against pirates had already been taken: goods valued at R $ 9,5 million had been seized in Foz de Iguaçu, R $ 7 million in Porto de Vitória and R $ 4 million in São Paulo, in addition to other seizures. in Rio Grande do Sul and Pernambuco.

Is this new willingness to face the issue that makes the threat of the American government to exclude Brazil from the General System of Preferences particularly inappropriate? that reduces the taxation of products imported from Brazil? based mainly on the absence of effective action to combat pirates.

According to the White House Trade Office? who should announce his decision tomorrow? American companies lost US $ 931,9 million in Brazil last year due to piracy. This is what would justify sanctions on Brazilian exports. But that would be a strong disincentive to the vigorous attack on piracy that is beginning to take shape.

The counterfeiting of products and brands does not only harm the USA, but also Brazil, which for this reason decided to go to repression. The time is not one of reprisals, but of support and collaboration between the two countries in combating a common enemy.