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Source: News from Acapulco - 12/10/2009

La ciudadanía is aware that in this country, at these times it urgently needs to balance its economy, at times words, to stop this crisis in which Mexico is submerged, if it needs to have balanced public finances, and for this it is necessary to support a policy it would tax recaudatoria, in order to have a solid base and to start the recovery of empleos, and in this way to certify any inversion, national or foreign.

However, we all also know that President Felipe Calderón's Hinojosa Hinojosa has completely fallen out of his economic model, and from the start of the Hacienda's secretary, quiet in the "flush" is not staying, always denying such a posibility, never seems Mexican, and now that they are "truncated", there must be more "easy", and how are you increasing and inventing more impulses for those who are cautious, why not write to Banks, Iglesias ?, regular al IFE, to political parties, and also to put "candadas" to big companies that all that they pay for, this economic package will affect small and micro companies, as well as family businesses, if the country is experiencing a crisis, its performance has been on the rise, with this recaudatory measure, many businessmen are closing, and thousands of workers are quitting without employment.

The senators and the senators had to analyze the 2010 economic package from the executive, from a different perspective, but what if they did it in a political way to see what they could do, affect more Mexicans, perhaps the PRI bench in the Congress, in salting with the help of 2, but not in food and medicine, in exchange for a political benefit, because there is an estimated lector who in politics, everything can happen. The surveys on the 2 for general consumption, are 17 per cent of VAT incurred, say that you must not pass, and the government puts it like a band that is to support the poor, no matter what, why are they the poorest affected, and in reality since previous gobiernos, these are increasing mainly in Guerrero, and I am not discovering the “black hilo”, just here in Acapulco you can see misery, in hay tourism, in hay empleos, see how it is the traffic lights of children, children, young people, adults and old people, of the sadness Áverdad de Dios !. Mexico is the country that the most impuestos must charge, and without embargo, it is the least that simply falls back due to corruption, bureaucracy, and why it is always possible for those who are cautious in the pattern; In Mexico there is more illegal business for the pirate, and then there is nothing, besides any government that has given us no results, due to the reduction of current expenditure, the super sueldo to the secretaries, directors, etc., but van with the misms of themselves, including the poorest, -Be careful! - because the government and its party have become unpopular, everything that democracy in this country is made of paper, of appearance, of convenience for just how many; - What do you need Mexico and your 500 citizens to do? -, for nothing !, muchos ni siquiera attend the primaria, but see the circus, brown and theater, which has become the official venue, because the majority of the people on display, the leaders of street vendors, of invaders belong to privileged unions. My dear friends, if the taxpayer comes along, everyone will have to keep the mattress under their breaths, and the bank will charge 15 pesos in actual deposits 000 per cent, to banks rescuing them for kids, - Who will rescue micro entrepreneurs who will pay and pay? PD: Sometimes we betray emotion as well as a subconscious nuestro politician, thinking about the future; - this is my friend to the PRI regent, Jorge Hernández Almazán, at a meeting for the delivery of carat cards, in his speech to the municipal president for governor, without wanting to, the senor municipal president, no more if he was smiling, - ahorita no me ayudes compadre -.

with Arturo Martínez Sánchez | Acapulco news