Injunction prevents gasoline from leaving Espírito Santo


State Government wins first legal battle against non-payment of taxes
ICMS on fuel imported from Argentina. Sefaz will assess companies that do not
they wanted to pay the tribute.

The State Government of Espírito Santo managed to obtain an injunction blocking the
State of 6 million liters of gasoline imported by RJC Empreendimentos. THE
same injunction determines the search and seizure of the fuel that is stored
in TA Oil tanks (in Vila Velha) designating Codesa (Companhia Docas do
Espírito Santo) as the faithful depository of the goods. In addition to achieving
preliminary injunction, the State Government must notify RJC and Oásis for non-payment of the

The legal battle between the State Government and companies started in the
last weekend, when RJC, together with
São Paulo fuels TA and Oásis, had obtained in the Federal Court a
another injunction to remove gasoline (imported from Argentina) without
collection of ICMS. The amount of tax related to the imported volume reaches
R $ 3 million. The companies claimed that they would pay the tax at the destination
fuel (gasoline would be transported to São Paulo).

Governor Paulo Hartung received support from the governor of São Paulo
Geraldo Alckmin and Sindicom (National Union of Distribution Companies of
Fuels and Lubricants) for the ICMS to be collected in Espírito Santo.
? Governor Hartung and the State Justice of Espírito Santo demonstrated
courage to curb tax evasion. Today the State is an example to be followed
in combating tax evasion in the fuel sector ?, says the director of
Defense of Sindicom's Competition, Alísio Vaz.

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Alísio Vaz? Director of Competition Defense at Sindicom

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