Less hassle, more efficiency


Author: Marta Barbosa

Source: ETCO Magazine, No. 7, 09/2007

Guilherme Afif DomingosBrazil is the world vice-champion of embarrassment when it comes to opening companies, says a study by the World Bank. It is no worse than Haiti, last in the ranking. The bureaucratic process in the country requires patience - currently, a business does not leave the paper in less than 150 days, this in São Paulo cities.

The good news is that this scenario is very close to changing. At least that is how Guilherme Afif Domingos, Secretary of Employment and Labor Relations of the State of São Paulo, expects. He is in charge of one of the most ambitious bureaucratization programs ever carried out in the country, which starts with his secretariat and covers all the political spheres of the State.

Among the goals are the reduction of the time to start a company to 15 days and the formalization of the so-called individual microentrepreneurs, those small traders or microproducers who, even relegated to the margin of the economy, show annual revenues of R $ 36 thousand.

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