Microentrepreneur may open company on the same day


Author: Deborah Huff

Source: DCI, 08/10/2007

The Government of the State of São Paulo established last Friday the figure of Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEI). The segment covers informal workers who earn up to R $ 36 thousand per year. The group will not need to have a tax or accounting note or bookkeeping. You just need to submit a simplified annual statement. A single tax of 4% will be charged on the declared income. The state administration is also considering charging 11% of the minimum wage (R $ 40) as Social Security.

To prove its existence to the state, the microentrepreneur must appear at the city hall with ID, CPF, proof of address and Declaration of Economic Activity. The administration will make the registration, in addition to the municipal bodies, in the state and federal. The microentrepreneur receives the Identification number in the Business Registry (Nire), CNPJ and city hall licenses on the same day.

It is also planned to create the Poupatempo do Empreendedor Portal, scheduled to work in January 2009. The services will be completely online and micro and small entrepreneurs will be able to make the Single Registry, credit applications to Banco do Povo, and will have access to the public purchasing environment, among other benefits.


The measures were announced by the State Secretary for Employment and Labor Relations, Gulherme Afif Domingos, at the Palácio dos Bandeirantes, in the presence of Governor José Serra. “Studies show that, for each formal entrepreneur, there are three informal ones, and we assume that every entrepreneur wants to be legalized, and we know that for that it is necessary to have less bureaucracy for the creation of new companies; therefore, our focus is not on the tax burden, but on the bureaucratic burden, ”said Afif Domingos.

The actions are part of the State Debureaucratization Program (PED), launched in March.

“As important as defending lower tax rates is the simplification of bureaucracy. This project is very smart, since it will simplify the lives of almost three million informal people in the state ”, defended deputy Marco Bertaioli (DEM), coordinator of the Parliamentary Front for Support to Micro and Small Enterprises of the São Paulo Legislative Assembly. "Workers will be able to contribute to Social Security, guaranteeing retirement income and contributing to the reduction of the pension gap," added the deputy, who will hold eight public hearings inside with members of the Parliamentary Front and entities to debate the General Law on Micro and Small Companies Companies.

“To further improve the life of the micro and small business owner, we have to include in the general law the permission for this worker to transfer the ICMS credit to the front of the production chain”, says Milton Dalari, administrative and financial director at Sebrae who believes that the measure was highly agreed by the state government.