Federal MP denounces cigarette smugglers in São Paulo


Source: O Globo, 19/11/2007

BRASÍLIA - The Attorney General's Office in Sorocaba (SP) denounced ten people investigated in Operation Mandrin, carried out by the Federal Police in Sorocaba and region and also in Foz do Iguaçu (PR), which investigates cigarette smuggling. The product, whose import is prohibited, was purchased in Paraguay, and transported to the Sorocaba region, where it was resold.

Those investigated in Operation Mandrin were involved in frequent seizures of contraband cigarettes carried out by the Federal Police in Sorocaba, which totaled R $ 3 million, which led the Federal Police to request telephone interceptions that were authorized by the Federal Court, culminating in prison of six investigated and the opening of criminal proceedings against ten of them.

The Federal Public Ministry concluded that the investigated set up a gang to import, transport, keep in deposit and sell cigarettes purchased in Paraguay. The accused will be prosecuted for the crimes of conspiracy and conspiracy and can face up to seven years in prison each for both crimes.