Electronic invoice can reduce company costs by up to 50%


Source: DCI, 12/07/2007

SÃO PAULO - At the 5th National Electronic Invoice Conference, held yesterday (11), the regional director of True Access Consulting, Marco Antonio Zanini, presented a lecture where he showed the company's strategies for this year, in the field of this new technology that grows each on the market.

True Access is a company specialized in solutions for the information security area, which this year adopted an aggressive strategy to consolidate its leadership in the pilot electronic invoice (NF-e) market, with a view to quadrupling its turnover before 2006.

Digital certification has been regulated in Brazil since 2001 and, as a result, companies have adopted the NF-e due to the security and practicality that this new model offers. NF-e can reduce operating costs in companies by up to 50%. In addition, the chances of fraud decrease, since this new technology requires the use of the digital certificate to guarantee the authenticity of the company responsible for issuing the note. “From the point of view of security, NF-e adds several benefits, among them, the fact that this tax document is delivered to SEFAZ (Secretaria da Fazenda), using the digital certificate. It ensures that only the company holding the certificate can actually issue that NF-e. This excludes the risk of counterfeiting invoices by unfair competitors or counterfeiters ”, explains Zanini.

As of 2008, the cigarette and fuel distribution segments will be required to issue NF-e. With an eye on this market, True Access has already outlined its strategy. “In fuels, the idea is to attract customers from SINDICOM (Union of Fuel Distributors), which brings together the ten largest distributors. And these companies are big users of technology and need more customized solutions for their environment. And in the cigarette sector, in addition to Souza Cruz, which is already a customer of True Access, our strategy is very similar due to the smaller number of companies that also have a profile of high technological use ”. - finished Zanini