Operation Anubis: Brazilian Federal Revenue Service triggers the largest operation in its history in São Paulo


Author: Communication Advisory (Ascom)

Source: Federal Revenue of Brazil, 16/09/2008

Today (16/09), the largest operation ever carried out in the State of São Paulo to curb customs illicit acts, such as smuggling, embezzlement and piracy, begins. To carry out three search and seizure warrants, a task force of 300 tax auditors and tax analysts from the Revenue, specialized in combating these crimes, will work together with tax agents from the São Paulo Finance Department (Sefaz / SP ), delegates and agents of the Federal Police, the Federal Highway Police and the Military Police participate in the action, totaling 1,5 public agents.

The “Operation Anubis” task force will seize all goods of foreign origin that are not supported by invoices or that do not prove their regular entry into the country. During the fulfillment of search and seizure warrants, auditors will promote tax actions at dozens of points of entry, transport, storage and trade of these goods, previously investigated and mapped throughout the interior of the state.

The tax auditors of the Internal Revenue Service will have logistical support from two helicopters, two speedboats and three motorhomes, specially prepared for customs repression actions and the fight against smuggling.