Operation Cataratas has already seized R $ 2 million in goods in the first two weeks of 2005


IRS, Press Office, 13/01/2005

The second phase of Operation Cataratas has been in operation since the first business day of this year. So far, R $ 2.095.342,36 has been apprehended in smuggled and misdirected products, as well as vehicles used to transport these products, mainly from Ciudad Del Esteno Paraguay.

This value is divided between the activity of apprehending the buses and conducting searches. In two weeks, 12 buses were detained, of which eight have already been inspected and apprehended and four await displacement. R $ 971.873,17 was found on the buses in goods. More than half of this amount is equivalent to smuggled cigarettes and the rest is divided into electronics, computers, tires, CDs and blank DVDs. The value of the seized vehicles is R $ 380.000,00.

In searches, the total so far is R $ 742.669.19 and the percentage of cigarettes is 40%. The rest of the goods are quite diverse. Since the beginning of the second phase of Operation Cataracts, electronic devices for cars, tires, computers, stereos, electronics in general and even a motorcycle have been seized. She was found at dawn yesterday between a load of approximately R $ 300 in smuggled and smuggled goods in the back rooms of a hotel parking lot in Parque Imperatriz in Foz. Do the searches aim to seize the goods in yours? hiding place? that is why they are mainly carried out in hotels, parking lots, luggage storage and in surprising vehicle approaches.

 These results were obtained through joint operations by the Federal Revenue Service in Foz do Iguaçu with the Federal Police, the Federal Highway Police and the Criminal Investigations Office. More information can be obtained from the Federal Revenue Commissioner in Foz do Iguaçu, José Carlos de Araújo, by calling (45) 520-4300 or 520-4301.