Operation in Foz already seized R $ 10 million in goods



One month after the start of Operation Cataratas, launched to combat smuggling and piracy of goods in Foz do Iguaçu, on the border with Paraguay and Argentina, the apprehensions of the Federal Revenue total about R $ 10 million. The tightening of inspection began on November 8 and is expected to continue until the end of this month.

The objective is to prevent the entry of irregular goods that supply the informal market across the country, mainly with a view to Christmas and New Year. During this period, 29 vehicles were inspected, including automobiles, buses, vans and motorcycles. Of this total, 139 were seized or detained.

In addition to goods, 786 kilograms of marijuana were seized, in addition to other drugs, such as cocaine, crack, perfume launcher, hashish and a large amount of drugs such as Cytotec, Rheumazin, among others.

To escape the rigorous inspection, smugglers and sacoleiros started to use alternative routes, such as the vicinal roads in the municipality of Medianeira (PR). On these roads, vehicles transporting electronics, such as video games and CDs, as well as perfumes and computer equipment, were seized.

The Federal, Military and Federal Highway Police also participate in the operation, in addition to the Criminal Investigation Office, the Department of Roads and Roads and the National Land Transport Agency.