Operation in Roraima seizes cars, fuels and drinks


Federal Revenue Office

An operation launched by the Federal Revenue at the Brazilian border with Venezuela to combat the smuggling of goods, called Operation Pacaraima, has already resulted in the seizure of 82 vehicles, thousands of liters of fuel and beer.

The assessments against those responsible for the goods total R $ 523 thousand. Since July, inspectors have been working in the cities of Pacaraima (RR) and Santa Helena do Uiarén (VEN), on the border between the two countries.

The Revenue base is located 2 kilometers from the border. Smugglers' favorite goods include gasoline, diesel, food and alcoholic beverages. The liter of diesel in the Venezuelan city, for example, is quoted at R $ 0,10.

The actions of the IRS have received the support of the Federal Highway Police, which is removing vehicles from traffic without traffic conditions - most of which are used to transport irregular goods.

For more information, contact the Federal Revenue Office in Boa Vista, Omar Rubin, at (95) 623-3173 / 9622.