Bakeries adhere to the Electronic Invoice


Source: DCI, 05/03/2009

CAXIAS DO SUL - The bakery companies in Serra Gaúcha are taking advantage of the sector's computerization to adhere to the Electronic Invoice (NFE) system. To facilitate the implementation of the new system, as well as to clarify doubts related to the Simples Nacional tax regime, Sebrae in Rio Grande do Sul promotes the lecture "Electronic Invoice and Simples Nacional".


The event will take place this Friday (6), from 14 pm to 16 pm, at the regional unit of Sebrae / RS, Rua Visconde de Pelotas, nº 130, in Caxias do Sul, a municipality distant 125 kilometers from Porto Alegre. The investment is R $ 10 and 30 vacancies are being made available. More information by phone (51) 3215-5069.


According to the manager of the Regional Bread Bakery Project of Serra Gaúcha, Fabiana Zin, the lecture will be a great opportunity to answer questions about the new processes that make life easier for entrepreneurs and their commercial activities. “With the inclusion of the Electronic Invoice, bakeries and patisseries in the region will gain speed in service, in addition to increasing the financial efficiency of companies. According to the manager, the public that should attend the lecture, an action promoted by the Serra Gaúcha Bakery and Confectionery Development Committee (Codepan), is formed by companies that are part of the hub.


Consultant Roseli Casali, responsible for providing the training, points out that the lecture's differential is in the form of presentation of the topics: participants' day-to-day facts will be used to exemplify the benefits of the new systems. “In practice, many entrepreneurs are still unaware of the advantages of the Electronic Invoice. To facilitate the approach to the theme, we will have a great chat, opening space for doubts and debate about the system, which facilitates the taxpayer's life and the inspection activities on taxed operations and benefits ”, he says. In relation to Simples Nacional, the consultant will address topics such as: tax utilization ranges; framing the Simples Nacional according to sectors; and specific taxes for each type of product sold.


In a simplified way, Roseli explains that the two themes aim to increase competitiveness and the development of micro and small companies. “While Simples Nacional aims to reduce bureaucracy and, in many cases, reduce taxes for micro and small companies, the Nota Fiscal Eletrônica provides a reduction in the costs of printing and storing tax documents, in addition to ensuring data integrity and the authorship of the issuer ”, says the consultant.


The Regional Pole of Panificadoras da Serra, in operation since January 2007, has groups of companies from Caxias do Sul, Bento Gonçalves, Garibaldi and Carlos Barbosa, totaling about 48 projects. The objective is to integrate, develop and strengthen the bakery and confectionery sector, with the aim of qualifying the sector. Through sectorial groups, which bring together companies from the same segment, it is possible to get in direct contact with other companies, to seek common solutions to issues that, alone, the entrepreneur would have difficulties in solving.


Codepan Serra is driven by a partnership between Sebrae / RS, the State Bakery and Confectionery Industry Union (Sindipan), the Rio Grande do Sul Wheat Industry Union (Sinditrigo) and the National Learning Service Industrial (Senai / RS). In addition to Codepan Serra, there are three more groups in the State: Codepan Metropolitana, Codepan Sul and Codepan Vale do Taquari. They are also partners of the four committees, Moinho Estrela, Wheat Flour Roseflor, Nordeste Alimentos, the Food Industry Union, Irani Papel e Packaging, Moquinho Taquariense and Flour & Pasta Orquídea.