Piracy causes loss of R $ 84 billion a year


Gazeta Mercantil / Caderno A - Page 14 (JB Online) - 08/12/2004

Brasília, December 8, 2004 - Piracy is responsible for the loss of two million jobs a year, in addition to R $ 84 billion in taxes that the country fails to collect. These data are from a survey by the Mckinsey Institute, commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and released by the executive secretary of the Ministry, Luiz Paulo Teles Barreto, who resides in the Council for Combating Piracy. He participated in the seminar “Pensando o Brasil”, promoted by the Economic Development Commission, which discusses intellectual property.

Luiz Paulo said that it has become clear that piracy and crimes against industrial property are not a social problem, but an issue that involves organized crime. "Piracy is used to finance more serious crimes, such as drug trafficking and arms trafficking," he said. Such a serious problem, in his opinion, deserves a national union involving the police, industries and society. For him, "when buying a pirated product the consumer may be putting close relatives into unemployment, because a productive chain of industries and stores is being broken". Information from the Câmara Agency.